Community Outreach

B2B Workforce Technologies is committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of the communities in which we operate. Through our Community Outreach Programs, we provide support to causes reflecting employee and community interests by the means of employee volunteer efforts, corporate initiatives, and monetary donations.


In partnership with our parent company--Randstad US, we demonstrate our leadership as a concerned community partner by encouraging and facilitating participation in the following ways:

• Corporate Giving Program: Corporate Giving Program is committed to increasing opportunities and improving the quality of life in our communities, both locally and globally.

• Employee Giving Program: Through our Employee Giving Program internal employees have the ability to make monetary donations to the B2B Workforce Technologies endorsed charity of their choosing through scheduled payroll deductions. 

• Office Matching Program: Office Matching Program provides budgeted funds for each of our regional offices to be used to support approved charity ventures in their local communities.

• Volunteer Days: Employees receive one full work day (or equivalent hours) per calendar year to volunteer at the non-profit organization of their choice. Employees are highly encouraged to utilize this time to participate in a charity event that is meaningful and convenient for them.

Organizations we have aligned with

Toys For Tots
Children are one of our nation’s most valuable resources. Alarmingly, approximately 13 million America children live in poverty. The new toy which millions of needy children receive each Christmas from Marines, through the Toys for Tots program, delivers a message of hope. If you reflect on your own life and recall what it meant to receive a toy at Christmas, you cannot help but realize the positive impact that a new toy had on your life

For more information about Toys For Tots visit www.toysfortots.org

Other organizations Randstad Technologies and Randstad USA has aligned with: 

Make-A-Wish                    American Cancer Society
                March of Dimes

Year Up
                  Junior Achievement (JA)
                International Rett
                Syndrome Foundation (IRSF)

                 VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas)
                St. Jude Children's
                Research Hospital

Contributions to the Environment

B2B Workforce Technologies is committed to minimizing our imprint on the environment. We understand that the decisions made in our business operations can have a major impact. Therefore, we actively seek out ways to conserve natural resources. Promoting informed choices and wise use policies, we work to increase efficiencies, conserve water and energy, and reduce waste.

• Reduction in Paper Product Use: 
In all of our business dealings, we strive to use paper products responsibly. By instituting electronic versions of forms, pay stubs, invoices, and W2 documents, B2B Workforce Technologies has dramatically reduced the amount of paper the company uses on an annual basis. All working contractors with B2B are eligible to receive their W2 forms electronically.

• Recycling: We make a point of purchasing resources from environmentally friendly vendors. Whenever possible, we try to ensure that the products used in our operations are either recycled or reused.

• Electricity Usage: Working to reduce the overall use of electricity in our offices, we have instituted education and awareness campaigns and technology updates.